2D Game Graphics

My Story

I have always been fascinated with game development as that is one of the few fields where you can let your creativity completely loose and come up with an awesome final concoction!


As I entered the game development arena, I realized that even if I have the full game storyline and design thought out, I still could never see the full picture without the graphics.


So I started building a 2D game graphics collection and I found it so delightfully pleasing, I never stopped since!

How I can help

As a game developer I do realize that rather than worrying about graphics, most of the time should be invested on the programming, integration, game logic and testing aspects of the development process.. that, IMO, is deceptively complex even for the simplest game!


So what I can offer is my pre-built graphics collection and services to build additional game sprites including characters, objects, levels, textures, backgrounds and anything else built with pixels for all types of 2D games across mobile and desktop platforms.


In addition, if you need your game to project a certain feel to the users, I can also get on extended engagements to collaboratively create sprites and graphics for a full end-to-end gaming experience.

Hint: Click & hold to see the images without all the moving & rotating confusion
A simple kids learning 3D animation video.

3D Modeling and Design

The 3rd Dimension

Designing any type of art in 3D always seems like magical experience because the enhancements seem never-ending and the end results always look amazing enough to reflect the hard work you put in.. also because after you put in what feels like a decade of work to create what you envisioned.. the end results better be satisfying!


My primary focus in this area is around creating 3D character models, objects, scenes. In addition to that I also do a bit of compositing, photorealistic rendering and animations.


There is a whole world of different uses for 3D modeling & animation out there. So if you feel that I can contribute in any way to your project or company please do let me know and I can put in what will look like a decade of work for you too!


Logos, Branding & Web Design

Brand Expression

I consider branding as an art of “staging” the identity of a company in such a way that it clearly projects the company image all-the-while reflecting the true values of the company. The intent is that your customers can surpass the rational reasoning and connect with the brand at an emotional level.


As part of brand expression, I can design various brand related graphics & content for you including Logos, Business Cards, Letter Heads, Powerpoint Slide Templates, Email Templates, Infographics and Marketing Banners.


In addition, I can create websites and mobile apps on the latest state-of-the-art technologies (as that is what I do at my day job anyways!). If you like the website you’re on right now, then you would definitely like what I create for you. I am adept at all things technical that are essential to creating a good website – Wireframing & Design, and Programming with Java/PHP/HTML5/CSS3 & Wordpress CMS.

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How It Works

Intiate Engagement

1. You: Submit the “Contact Me” form
2. I: Review the details and contact you with an estimate (=fixed or variable depending on type of work)
3. We: Agree on the deliverable(s), timelines & cost (=if fixed) / estimated hours (=if variable)
4. You: Initiate a Service Request with a partial advance payment (=30% of total fixed or variable cost)


5. I: Start working and log hours (=if variable)
6. I: Send you the draft deliverable(s)
7. You: Send back any feedback or comments (=upto a maximum of 3 iterations)
8. I: Incorporate all required changes into the deliverable(s)

Complete Engagement

9. I: Send you the final deliverable(s) and the total hours logged worksheet
10. You: Make the final payment for the services for the total hours logged


Just a small note of appreciation for the logo Karan has created for my boutique.

Not only have you understood my concept but have also executed it to perfection. Your proactiveness, creativity and know-how of the industry really helped to enrich the concept and take the logo to the next level.

It has been a real pleasure to working with you.

Thank you and look forward to the next engagement!

Kavkala Boutique - Kavita, CEO

I was in need of company logo, business card, and website graphics work, and Karan came through with flying colors!

I was very detailed with what I was looking for and Karan didn’t miss a thing. Additionally, he provided great input and ideas for the few areas where I needed help or did not have a clear idea of what I wanted. Karan takes direction well, provides great ideas and input, and does everything in an extremely professional manner. Karan is creative, smart, follows through on his word, and provides a high quality professional service.

It is rare to find such a total package in his line of work.

I look forward to doing more business with him in the future!

Woby - Carlo Arteaga, CEO

Choosing “Karan’s Studio” is one of the finest choices I have made for my logo design.

It has been a pleasure working with Karan; he is so passionate, personable, approachable and available round the clock for the assignments he takes up. He is so creative that he could deliver my requirement of a highly visible logo while still maintaining crisp & clean corporate appeal. I highly recommend “Karan’s Studio” for any kind of logo design which represents this digital era elegance and attitude in logo design.

Happy to endorse Karan and his passion for Logo Design. All the success !!

Rihils Consulting - Ramesh Pujari, CEO